Istiqro Journal was published by the Higher Education Institute of the Islamic Religion of Blokagung Banyuwangi, which voiced various issues of Islamic law, economics and business in various perspectives.

Istiqro Journal as a vehicle for scientific communication and discussion among academics and practitioners as well as science activists throughout Indonesia, especially in Islamic, economic and business law.

Journals published twice a year, namely in January and July,

Redaction invites academics, lecturers, and researchers from various studies and scientific disciplines, especially those related to the study of contemporary law and Islamic economics in various perspectives as an effort to disseminate broader scientific knowledge. And the Istiqroâ € ™ journal prioritizes publishing research / research-based writing. Language used in the form of Indonesian, English and Arabic. Posts that are loaded are original texts (not plagiarism) and have never been published in various forms. Editors have the right to select and edit the entries without changing the substance of the author's ideas.

This journal can be accessed openly, which means that all available content is freely accessed without charge, either to the user or to the institution. Users who are permitted to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or cite the full text of the article do not have to ask permission from the publisher or the author first.

Address Editor: PP. Darussalam Blokagung-Karangdoro, Kec. Tegalsari, Kab. Banyuwangi, East Java. Postal Code: 68485. Tel. (0333) 847459, Fax. (0333) 846221, Mobile. +6285258405333, Email: [email protected]

ISSN (Print): 2460-0083

ISSN (Online):2599-3348

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