Peer Review Process

Every article submitted to Darussalam English journal is independently reviewed by two expert reviewers.

Darussalam English Journal review guideline:

  1. Editorial Assessment

Every article is submitted through Online Journal System, then assigned by the chief editor whether the article has already followed the journal guidelines? Has the article meet the focus and the scope of the journal? The editor might reject the article immediately if the article doesn’t meet the basic requirements of the journal or continued to the next stage or into peer review.

  1. Peer review

The article in this stage will be reviewed by two expert reviewers.

  1. Revise and Resubmit

The author will be asked to revise the article based on the comments of the reviewer and asked to resubmit it.


When the manuscript is finally accepted for publication, the editor will schedule the publication and inform the author(s) of the particular number and volume of the journal in which the article will be published.