• Wiji Utami Universitas Jember
  • Chaerul Saleh Universitas Jember
  • Satrio Dwi Antoko Universitas Jember


This research seeks to analyze the impact of leadership, punishment, and non-physical
work environment on work discipline and employee performance in PT. Mitra Maju
Mapan Jember. This research could be classified as explanatory research. Using cencus
sampling method, the sample of this research was all the employee of PT. Mitra Maju
Mapan totaling 87 respondens. The data was analyzed using path analysis. The result
showed that leadership, punishment, and non-physical work environment have direct
significant effect on work discipline, work discipline have direct significant effect on the
employee performance, and leadership, punishment, non-physical work environment
have indirect and significant effect on employee performance.  This research contributes
to knowledge regarding how to improve the work discipline among employee and
further increase their performance. As a final point, it will be useful for further studies
to compare the results of this study in different company to analyze the similarities and


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